There are many kinds of watch brands. How to start a watch?

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The popularity of watches is higher and higher, so the demand is more and more fierce. A lot of friends will be at a loss when they are ready to step into the circle of watches. I don’t know how to start a watch at all? There are many kinds of watch brands. It’s really dazzling at a glance. As a professional science watch, today I will help you sort it out.
First, make sure the watch budget: the most important thing to buy a watch is how much is your budget range, which is generally recognized as the annual salary to buy a car and the monthly salary to buy a watch. In fact, the most appropriate budget range for buying watch is that the price selection of 2-3 months of monthly salary income is in line with the market price range of your men skeleton watch. For example, if you have a monthly salary of 20000 yuan, you should generally choose a watch style with a range of 40000-60000 yuan. Watch was originally a timing tool, but the timing function of watch in modern society has been weakened. Wearing a watch is now more used to enhance personal image and temperament.
So there’s the formula above for calculating the price of wearing a watch.Try to buy hot brands within the budget: with a clear budget price, basically you want to start with a clear brand range of mens watches. There is a strict price distinction between watch brands. For example, if your budget range is 20000-40000 yuan, then the brands you can choose are Omega, vanguard and rudder. And in line with your budget category brand, try to choose familiar brand hot money. Of course, someone will tell you a certain style of “rotten Street”. But often the more rotten the style of the street is more classic and can stand the test of time.