TAG Heuer Shows Its “L’Art de la Manufacture” To Tribute To The Craftsmen

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TAG Heuer shows its manufacture and the artisans by photographer Fred Merz.

TAG Heuer has commissioned artist and photographer Fred Merz to produce a series of images that capture the brand’s identity, pay tribute to the craftsmen who work there, and showcase the technology used to producing the masterful timepieces that have forged the brand’s reputation. TAG Heuer "L’Art de la Manufacture"38-year-old Fred Merz is based in Geneva and graduated from the School of Photography in Vevey, Switzerland. His work, particularly his portraiture, is regularly featured in the Swiss and international press. Fred Merz casts an aesthetic gaze over the world and stages his subjects with an acute perception of the power of lighting, giving his photographs a distinctively cinematic composition.

Taking its cue from Hublot, whose brand ambassadors Mr Merz photographed ahead of the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, TAG Heuer gave the photographer a specific commission: to capture the identity of the brand through a series of intramural snapshots. These are not glossy pictures of perfectly posed watches; they tell the story of the Manufacture and its artisans through its tools, and how they are used in the workshop.