Protect precious watches in everyday life

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What matters is not what you have, but what happens when you need it. When we are going to fall asleep, remember to take off the watch, because not only is it easy to be scratched when wearing a watch to sleep, but also some dial hands with luminous function will emit radiation, which can cause hidden damage to the human body.
How to maintain a belt-type watch? Time ticks with the pointer ticking, and every minute and second is the youthful years that have passed silently. As the first choice for casual and versatile, the belt watch can be used for many occasions in daily life, and set off the elegant taste for the wearer. Especially in the cold, the leather strap can also improve the wearing comfort. Nevertheless, there are many shortcomings in the belt-type watch, and it also requires us to maintain and maintain in our daily lives.
Please take off the watch in time when you sweat. When the leather strap produces an odor, there are often two reasons. One is that you often splash water when you wear water or wash your hands; the other is that you sweat when you exercise. The watch was not removed in time for scrubbing. Therefore, it is not recommended to wear a mens leather watch in the summer, because the leather strap can easily become hardened and produce an odor when it comes into contact with liquid.