Piaget Emperador Launched The New Coussin XP 700P Limited Edition Watch

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Piaget released the Emperador Coussin Tourbillon watch. Piaget Emperador Coussin XL 700P is the in-house produced 700P movement which is new for 2016.

This limited edition Emperador Coussin XL 700P is dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the first quartz watch movement that Piaget developed in-house back in 1976-  the caliber 7P. Piaget continues to offer quartz movements for most of its women’s watches.

Front of Piaget EmperadorCoussin XP 700P limited edition watch  Piaget designed the 700P to replace the traditional mechanical balance wheel and escapement with an electronic quartz regulator that is hidden from view when looking at the movement. Like I said, when viewing the movement, a trained eye can easily tell it isn’t a traditional mechanical caliber, but it obviously isn’t a quartz movement either. I believe Piaget‘s goal was to once again introduce the concept of a fine Swiss quartz movement similar to those that existed in the 1970s starting with the famed Beta 21. Aesthetically, the 700P looks beautiful with its hand-finished parts and combination of light and dark elements. The movement is produced from 298 parts and operates at the typical quartz frequency of 32,768 Hz.

Side of Piaget EmperadorCoussin XP 700P limited edition watchThe 700P is 5.5mm thick as a movement, and the entire watch case is probably twice that thickness with a case diameter of 46.5mm. The Emperador Coussin XL retains its hip cushion-shape in 18k white gold with a black ADLC-coated bezel giving it a bit more of a sporty look. On the dial is a solid gold and engraved micro-rotor that connects directly the “quartz generator” and also a subsidiary dial for the time. I am not totally sure, but I believe there is further visual movement from the element on the dial to the upper right – which is supposed to spin at a rate of 5.33 turns per second.Piaget Emperador Coussin XP 700P limited edition watch caseback

On the back of the watch is a visible power reserve indicator which is very interesting for this type of watch, and helps echo the functionality of the all-mechanical versions of the Emperador Coussin XL. Attached to the case is a black alligator strap.