Hublot – What to expect from Hublot @ Baselworld 2015 ?

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Has anybody heard already some “rumors” with what to count at Baselworld? 😉

What about the new automatic movement?
New Classic Fusion variants?
New dials for the Big Bang 41?

Looking very much forward to Baselworld…actually I can’t wait… ;-).. I think.
Hi MCG!HUBLOT is evolving very fast and all three you mentioned are quite possible.
Stay well tuned!
Best,KenGeneva week is always a low key for releases with the big guns coming out in Basel!  I am sure something amazing will come out but no sneak previews yet sad
Maybe a new material would be cool or more coloured ceramics?  We saw the development of red ceramic but not for a big release yet… Who knows!
I will be there all week so any news and live pics for sure!
CheersAndrew… and I will be there for sure as well… smileGive us something that we are willing to sell our kidneys for… hahahaI do hope for a red ceramic watch…it’ll be very desirable! Also, a KP which is ultra cool…I am sure Hublot can think of something, but not LE with a person’s name on the I belong officially to you guys…  smile