Hublot – My first hublot watch

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Hi Hublot Lovers,
I am so glad and excited that i collected my first hublot watch today.I would like to share a picture of my hublot king power oceanographic 4000 diver 48mm with all the hublot lovers here.Enjoy the picture and also share the joy with me.Thanks for looking.

and welcome to PuristSPro and to the Hublot forum, it is great to have you here!
I love the Oceanographic and wear mine quite often, its a huge monster… but very cool indeed!!
Enjoy and please share more pictures and you enjoy it,
CheersAndrewHi Andrew. May i check with u whats the standard international warranty for hublot watches? 2 years? Because im not sure is my watch warranty is still available. Thanks.
Do you have the warranty card or WISeKey card?