Hublot – Geneva Week – Hublot Classic Fusion Power Reserve 8 Days All Black

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OK not strictly a new release in terms of movement but a nice surprise for Geneva week, The Classic Fusion All Black 8 day power reserve.

I think it is a perfect Classic Fusion (excluding the tourbillons due to the cost)… lets do a check list:

8 day power reserve… check
Manual wind… check
Beautiful movement… check
Classic Hublot All black… check
Scratch resistant ceramic… check
Looks good with a suit or jeans… check

To me this ticks all the boxes, maybe 2 negatives… reading the time at night and there are only 500 pieces available!

Here are the pictures:

Not a new movement as we saw it last year in the regular versions, but I personally think it has been well executed and great to see this in the CF range rather than the normal ETA based movements.

and on the wrist…

What do you think?

Andrew This message has been edited by AnthonyTsai on 2015-02-02 07:21:36 I like the look of the watch and its movement.
What’s the case size? 42 or 40mm?
CheersrobinThe big boy… and it is very cool indeed smile
CheersAndrew This message has been edited by andrewluff on 2015-02-02 02:51:10 Too big for me but very nice on your wrist Andrew!
CheersRobinNo message bodyI like the recessed seconds dial.
Thanks for the photos Andrew!but again who cares? smile) and I quite like this one, especially the dial layout and the thickness of the case – if only it were smaller than 45mm….

Since i’m a big fan of CF and All Black Hublot. i would tick most of the boxes as yours. However i’m a bit unsure about the modified ETA movement whcih does not look at feel hublotinized to me.
maybe it looks better in real, i’ll surely check it out in Basel. Thanks for sharing Andrews smileIt is better in real life and is not an ETA movement as is found in the rest of the CF range.
CheersAndrewI’m not sure that this “all black” style works with a more elegant watch. At the end, I found it sad.