Hublot – Big Bang Unico Golf

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Dustin Johnson is regarded by many as a phenom in the world of golf. His style and ability have revolutionized how the game is perceived and he has been at the forefront of a new era for the sport. “DJ” and Hublot Big Bang On Wrist share a vision and style that are undoubtedly effective, if not exactly orthodox. Dustin and Hublot, golf and watchmaking both about precision, timing and perfection. They are the result of hard work and perseverance, pushing the boundaries and a tireless quest for excellence. Together, they unveil the Big Bang Unico Golf. A true all-in-one golf watch.

Big Bang Unico Golf

Dustin Johnson © Hublot

Hublot has designed, developed, manufactured and assembled a module to equip its new UNICO movement, which has been specifically created for golf. The MHUB1580 movement allows golfers to seamlessly calculate their score whilst on course.

The case of the Big Bang Unico Golf is carved from Texalium®, an innovative material, exclusive to Hublot, that is an amalgamation of carbon fiber and aluminum. This unique composite gives the watch its lightness – the watch weighs precisely 97.93 grams!

If I could say just one really positive (and accurate) thing about Hublot, it’s that for the bigger high-end buying community, Hublot Big Bang Quartz Replica has solidified the belief that a trendy, luxury timepiece is the ultimate lifestyle merchandise able to tell people not just who you are but the kinds of things you are into. If anyone is really helping to keep timepieces as a status symbol to the broader public (possibly for better or worse) it is Hublot – and that would have never happened if their timepieces were not at the very least fun to look at and wear.No Hublot has ever been cheap, and they are among the many watch brands out there which constantly face “price scrutiny.” With the high-end movements and fairly excellent attention to detail, they offer what I would say is a respectable experience for the cost. Sure, their timepieces would be a lot more appealing at a lower cost, but maybe, I am just saying that since it feels like a pity that the Hublot Big Bang UNICO is priced somewhat out of what so many men and women who would like it could manage. This particular Hublot Big Bang UNICO ref. 411. CI.1190.
Big Bang Unico Golf

Big Bang Unico Golf © Hublot

The Big Bang Unico Golf has the look of a chronograph and has been conceived as a chronograph. Its movement features return-to-zero heart piece cams that ensure the counting mechanism is robust and reliable. The putter-shaped pusher at 2 o’clock activates the mechanism for displaying the number of strokes taken and counts the strokes per hole. The pusher at 4 o’clock allows the wearer to move on to the next hole by resetting the stroke counter to zero. The counter at 6 o’clock displays the total number of strokes played and is simultaneously updated. The pusher at 8 o’clock, which is shaped like a tee, resets the mechanism and sets the counters to zero at the end of the round. During the round, this button can be locked by rotating it by 45°, thus ensuring that it is not inadvertently activated.

Big Bang Unico Golf

© Hublot

The MHUB1580 full-skeleton movement allows the wearer to admire and understand how the timepiece works. The watch comes with two interchangeable wristbands fitted with the One Click system. One is made of white leather sewn on rubber and designed like a golf glove, while the other is made of technical fabric with a Velcro fastener.

“The Big Bang Unico Golf has a contemporary design and is easy to use”, concluded Dustin Johnson, Hublot Ambassador, Major Champion and World #1. “It has digital displays and is very light – less than 100 grams on the wrist. It has everything that I want from a golf watch and is the perfect fit.”