Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Blue Strap Watch

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Hublot partnered with Ferrari cars since 2011. And in 2014 they launched a new Ferrari watch.

Hublot, as a modern brand, is the child of master brand manager Jean-Claude Biver. Mr. Biver brought the world the Hublot Big Bang, and arguably the most productive and attention-worthy forms of modern luxury watch advertising in modern times. hublot-big-bang-2015-watch
As you can see, the Hublot Big Bang Ferrari comes with two straps, something which I believe they all do. Among other things, Hublot used the Big Bang Ferrari watch to implement a new feature into Big Bang watches – a quick release for the straps.

A simple button on the case where the lug structure is can be pressed to release the strap. This means that wearers can swap out straps easily and securely – a feature I wish most luxury watches had. Assuming you have a series of straps to go with the watch, this makes a lot of sense. On the down side, it means you can’t use just any strap you want, given that the connector is proprietary. Furthermore, the Hublot straps are tapered and have other features which won’t be easy to find in after-market straps. Let me put it this way, if you are seriously into high-end sports watches and straps, you’ll need to find a pretty serious custom strap maker.Side of Hublot Big Bang Ferrari tourbillon blue strap watch 02
At 45.5mm wide, the Hublot Big Bang Ferrari was the first time Hublot materially upgraded its Big Bang case since its initial introduction around 2004. Hublot increased the size 1.5mm, up from 44mm wide, and overall added more masculinity while making it even more modern looking. A design like this is at the heart of a crossroads between two types of aesthetic preferences. There are those who like clean, restrained, classic lines, and there are those who prefer edgy, contemporary, and somewhat intense design. An Hublot, like anything else loud, is bound to call attention to itself, and thus equal parts compliment and complaint.

Wearing the Hublot Big Bang Ferrari is a comfortable, albeit bold, experience. With pretty much anything from Hublot, you are constantly reminded that people are noticing your watch. Wear most Patek Philippe pieces, and all but people with horological radars will miss what is on your wrist altogether. Hublot watches by design call attention – and whether or not you agree with that lifestyle philosophy, it is what they are meant to do. The question is, what do you then do with that attention?Hublot Big Bang Ferrari tourbillon blue strap watch's dial
Inside the Hublot Big Bang Ferrari is an in-house designed and manufactured movement from the “UNICO” family. Hublot spent more years than they initially anticipated working on finally releasing the UNICO, and I’ve always liked the result. Not only does the aesthetic design of the UNICO meld well with Hublot’s theme, but it doesn’t look like the movements from other watches. Hublot was criticized for a long time when most Big Bang watches used versions of the Swiss ETA Valjoux 7750, so it was a long priority for Hublot to have something a bit different in their more prestigious Big Bang watches.

Specifically, the Hublot Big Bang Ferrari has the UNICO caliber 1241 automatic movement inside of it, which blends some interesting aesthetic features with some functional trade-offs. Visually, the execution of the movement is really nice. It offers just enough “industrial” appeal to feel modern, and yet just enough “traditional” appeal to keep it feeling “Swiss.” The detailing on the movement is great, but don’t go looking for things like traditional Swiss finishing and polishing. Going with the modern theme, the movement is all about intricacy, but preserving a fit and finish that looks better with cars than antique furniture.Hublot Big Bang Ferrari tourbillon blue strap watch's dial and strap
The dial of the Hublot Big Bang Ferrari has just the time, date, and chronograph counter for the seconds. The counter has been designed to track 60 minutes, but that means no chronograph hours or running seconds. That isn’t a big deal, but I can see it being annoying for some people who like as much information as possible on their dials. What you get in return for less functionality is an artistic palette of skeletonization and the Ferrari logo. For all the flamboyance of Ferrari, its name only shows up twice on the watch , and its logo is relatively tastefully offered on the dial.