Happy sport 36 MM Chopard Watch have different colors

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Chopard showed at Baselworld 2016 a Happy Sport model fitted with a strap you can easily change yourself, in step with your moods and the changing seasons.
Happy Sport is a true style icon that has been playing the mix & match game since 1993, freely mixing genres, steel and diamonds, the timeless and the ephemeral. Conventions have never been its thing! This joyful, independent, mischievous and eminently modern timepiece makes light of codes and trends.qqqqqqq
Despite of do-it-yourself customisation, Happy Sport offers women the possibility of changing the strap of their watch in the comfort of their home and whenever they feel like it.
Colour, the essential element in any wardrobe that varies according to the wearer’s mood, plays a key role in this watch with its steel case, infusing a fresh sense of energy with each new strap. The rubber strap serves as a reminder that mixing and matching materials lies at the very heart of the free-spirited and playful Happy Sport identity. Black and white, the enduring basics, are the two strap colours supplied with the watch.wwwwwwww
As the seasons come and go, Chopard reveals new and ephemeral on-trend colours. For summer, sky blue, sea green and bright orange vie with each other to embrace the Happy Sport 36mm with its interchangeable strap system.
On the back of the strap, nestling against the skin, the Chopard mantra “Be Happy” inscription distils its message like a secret lucky charm.
But the very essence of the Happy Sport naturally lies in the five moving diamonds, whirling between two sapphire crystals and free from any setting.vvvvv