Hands-On With The Latest From Laurent Ferrier, Live From Geneva

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Team HODINKEE (Will, Kelly, and myself) landed in Geneva no more than four hours ago, and after a quick shower and hotel lobby club sandwich, we were off to our first appointment of Geneva 2015. And our first appointment was our first appointment because it’s a brand that we all genuinely get excited being around – Laurent Ferrier. Today we didn’t see any new models (though we were told we would see an entirely new piece in Basel!) but we did see a collection of pieces that would share the same color way – a chocolate brown dial over rose-gold case. The results are stunning and we have pictures below.

2015 is the fifth year of Laurent Ferrier, and to celebrate, Mr. Ferrier himself wanted to do a similar concept across all four models: the Tourbillon Double Spiral, The Galet Classic MIcro-Rotor, The Traveller, and the Lady F. The choice for this set of pieces is the ever beautiful chocolate brown dial over a rose-gold case. Above you can see the Micro-Rotor on my wrist. The 40 mm gold case is a perfect fit, and the slate-like texture of the brown dial is simply stunning.

Above is the Galet Traveller, which features two buttons to make the hour hand jump back and forth. At 9 o’clock, you have the home time. Again, this dial configuration matches that of the Galet Micro-Rotor and it looks fantastic.

Next you have the watch that started it all – the Tourbillon Double Spiral. With the same dial treatment as the others, once can almost forget that once you turn the watch over, you are met with this:

Laurent Ferrier’s movements feature practically unparalleled finishing, and on top of that, are designed from day one to be aesthetically pleasing. This tourbillon is nothing short of a thing of true beauty.

Finally, the last of the four models is the Lady F, the GPHG-nominated über ladies piece. Featuring the same incredible self-winding micro-rotor movement, the case is 1 mm smaller (39 mm vs. 40 in the Galet Classic Micro-Rotor). Most Lady F’s feature a feminine dial or casework, but this one features a stark, and simply stunning brown dial with markers just at the poles.

This insanely minimialist dial is absolutely beautiful, and so sleek is it that it does not even read “Laurent Ferrier” on the dial. The only other aesthetic difference is that this Lady F features a gem-set crown.

And again, once you turn this Lady F over, you can see that they haven’t pared down anything for the women – this is pure haute horlogerie at its absolute finest.

Thought the Lady F is positioned as a women’s piece, I put it on my wrist and the 39 mm case fits just perfectly. The dial, and lack of casework, also lend nicely to a masculine look and I wouldn’t think twice about adding this watch to my collection.

Finally, the last two new pieces we saw were this enamel dial Travelers. This is a follow up to the U.S.-only Cloisonné pieces announced earlier this year, and new the center discs feature a map that includes Europe and Africa.

All of the pieces seen here will be available at retailers within the next two months. We were told that at Baselworld this year, Laurent Ferrier will release an entirely new and fifth model, for its fifth anniversary. Stay tuned for more on that.

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