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Why do quartz watches receive a lot of hate?

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Depending on previously, quartz watches do not sound so bad. In reality, it might sound. What’s with the hate? The frequent denominator is the shortage of craftsmanship in quartz watches, although they may have different motives for this. Typically, a mechanical watch demands more time to assemble and contains components. That’s why some believe them […]

so beautiful-Seiko Snow Monster

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Is it great? The Seiko Snow Dragon can also be called the Ice Monster. Seiko released just 2,555 units of this variant of the watch. Despite the high cost mark-up from the Seiko Monster, this version was well-received. This proves that the Seiko Killer lineup is put by individuals in general on a pedestal. Remaining […]

This delicate timepiece eliminates doubts about incompatibility

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The Seiko Lukia solar electric wavelength is 35.2 mm, which is an exquisite and elegant timepiece. It has a slender metal bracelet with alternating silver and rose gold decorations. In addition, the dial is also decorated with rose gold gems, so that any wearer can be intoxicated. This watch uses Seiko’s new and advanced Comfotex […]