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Cheap Dive Watch 101

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Diving has a turned into a science and sport because the early 20th century. And prior to the era of diving computers and advanced technical gear, there was the dip watch. Dive watches function the main goal of documenting time a diver goes submerged, but they have found a location on the wrists of desk […]


The Micro-band Straton Racing Inspired Syncro Diver

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Kyle, the founder of micro-band Straton Watch Co., had a very good day yesterday. Yesterday was the launch of his latest Kickstarter campaign for the Straton Syncro – a motor-sport inspired pilot/diver hybrid watch. The campaign was funded within just a few hours – as of this writing the campaign has over $120,000 pledged, far […]


The Doxa Sub 300, The Dive Watch Personified

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Back in Baselworld 2016, Doxa introduced its 50th Anniversary Sub model, a great dive watch with unquestionable pedigree. We will discover why this dive watch is so important by looking back at an early Doxa Sub 300, belonging to one of the preeminent Doxa collectors – and a great friend of Monochrome and me, personally […]


Doxa Delivers 31 Limited Edition Watches To Fabien Cousteau For Mission 31

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We learned, by happenstance, that during Mission 31 we cannot use digital dive computers on our dives outside the habitat to time our excursions. They lock out, actually get bent!” Fabien Cousteau, grandson of the famous Jacques-Yves Cousteau, explained to me as he fiddled with the bezel of his orange-dialed dive watch. It was the […]