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Panerai launched the Luminor series and the new Radiomir

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Discover the hottest models from Panerai at Govberg Jewelers. Details that were new have been added by panerai to a already fantastic collection. We’re eager to dive into the most current six versions (actually seven but two come together as a set!) . Panerai follows along with their Radiomir and Luminor models from their growth […]

What kind of trend watch should men have?

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Today’s watches are very popular as accessories. There are many brands of watches, many styles, and many prices, which is very acceptable. You can afford it if you are rich or not. The rich are just buying some of the world’s top watches, and the average class buys niche. No boys and girls have gold […]

There are many kinds of watch brands. How to start a watch?

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The popularity of watches is higher and higher, so the demand is more and more fierce. A lot of friends will be at a loss when they are ready to step into the circle of watches. I don’t know how to start a watch at all? There are many kinds of watch brands. It’s really […]

Wearing a watch is enough to show the charm of a man.

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Why men wearing watches will give people a sense of success may be because watches are the embodiment of rigorous work and pursuit of efficiency. A person with a time concept will make a complete plan for his work, and he will also organize his life in an orderly manner. The prescribed time to complete […]

Protect precious watches in everyday life

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What matters is not what you have, but what happens when you need it. When we are going to fall asleep, remember to take off the watch, because not only is it easy to be scratched when wearing a watch to sleep, but also some dial hands with luminous function will emit radiation, which can […]

The origin of the skeleton watch

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The appearance of mechanical skeleton watches first appeared around 1760. In order to find more watch lovers to appreciate the design masterpieces in the rue Saint-Denis store in Paris, the master watchmaker André-Charles Caron made the world’s first Skeleton watch. It was he who showed everyone the magical structure inside the watch, and presented the […]