A brief summary of the question about the winding of the rarone hollow watch

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The mechanical watch I just bought online, the watch has just been sent out, and the watch has been in the courier package for 2-3 days. The clockwork in the watch has been close to zero. At this time, you are wearing the watch. The automatic tuo replenishes the clockwork of the watch. The automatic tuople keeps replenishing, and the watch is constantly consuming, so the watch winder is always in a slack state. There is an error at this time. It is very normal to have errors. First of all, make sure to wind up the mainspring. If you wear very little time or exercise a little during the day, you can fill the mainspring within a few days. In addition, the watch has been placed for more than 15 hours. When you wear it again, It must also be full of clockwork. This way your Renault mechanical skeleton mens watch can be guaranteed on time!
Well, the editor briefly summarizes the issues about the winding of the hollow watch:
  1. The automatic mechanical watch of the skeleton watch is generally used to supplement the energy required by the automatic rotor. If you wear it for 8-10 hours or the arm movement is very small, the energy supplied by the automatic rotor is certainly not enough If your watch’s strap has been found to be more and more inaccurate after a while, you can add a clockwork to the watch appropriately.
  2. When the hollow watch has a large travel time error or stops, most of them are caused by insufficient springs, not a problem with the movement.
The above is how to wind the mechanical watch correctly and the precautions on winding the mechanical watch. If you want the Renault watch to be full of energy, you must wind it in time.