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Wood Wall Clock

You can treat watches as the wall clock

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Many people at least have one piece of watch, but most of them just the owner of watches and don’t know how does a watch work. Just for the sake of your own watch, to make most out of them, you need to know some information about its work principles. In fact, we can find […]

Timex Watch

Timex Watch Doesn’t Just Tell Time

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The Timex watch is really a staple watch in US since 1950. Although Timex watches are marketed worldwide, its finest market base is incorporated in US and Canada. The momentum inside the sales from the Timex watch skyrocketed when Timex highlighted watches durability through advertisements that lay claim they can the old saying “It needs […]

Hublot – A Hublot day in Paris

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I was not ready for this day! I was just expecting to quietly attend the Salon Belles Montres located on the left bank in Paris. But, after having visited the Hublot booth at the Salon, I decided to walk a few minutes to reach the Bon Marché store in which a Hublot boutique was inaugurated […]

Hublot – Yann Denes’ exhibition at the Hublot boutique in Paris

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A few weeks ago, the Hublot boutique in Paris – Place Vendôme organized an exhibition to display drawings and paintings from the French artist Yann Denes. Yann Denes is graduated from the Ecole Supérieure des Beaux Arts de Toulon. When he left his school, he decided to dedicate his skills and his talent only  to  […]