Hublot – Winner of the Red Dot: Best of Best 2017

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After having examined the 5,500 creations of participants from 54 different countries, a jury of 40 professors, journalists and independent designers chose to give the highest distinction of the Red Dot Awards: Product Design, “the Red Dot: Best of Best 2017” to the Hublot Big Bang Meca-10 Magic Gold watch.

The Red Dot Award is a competition organised by Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Germany. It was created in 1955 by rewarding for the first time the most worthy designs of the period. Since the nineties, Professor Doctor Peter Zec has taken this institution to the top at an international level. A Red Dot Award is like an Oscar in the film world, it is the ultimate award.

This prize acknowledges the immense work that went into the development of the Meca-10 Magic Gold model, a concentration of the best of what Hublot Big Bang 58288 Price has to offer in high-quality watchmaking, technique, innovation and aesthetics. This watch achieves the exploit of balancing the retro and the futuristic. 

Vainqueur du Red Dot: Best of Best 2017

Retro, like the construction game its name refers to. A return to childhood, when imagination ruled: the Meca-10 is a homage to all those who spent hours designing and building with Meccano. Plates, wheels, gears… it’s all there, but pushed to unseen technical limits that made it possible to perfect a new manufacture movement with an outstanding architecture.

Futuristic, like the HUB1201 manufacture movement: fully developed by Hublot’s teams, it has 223 parts and is fitted with two going barrels operating in parallel. The power reserve indication, which goes up to ten days, works on a rack system. It is also futuristic because of the innovative material used for its case, Magic Gold. The fruit of a research and development partnership between Hublot Big Bang 304.M and EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne), Magic Gold fuses gold with an alloy of ceramics, making it the only truly scratch proof 18 carat gold. Technically, only a diamond can mark it!

After the victory is announced, the prize will be officially presented to Hublot in front of 1,200 guests at the Red Dot Gala Award ceremony on 3 July this year. The Big Bang Meca-10 Magic Gold will then be exhibited in the Red Dot Design Museum in Essen, Germany.

Hublot is probably among the least understood luxury brands around (particularly in the wrist watch realm) – particularly because so many people feel that they understand it. The idea is that fragile companies are the ones which don’t deal well with criticism or complaints. Hublot 1 Million Big Bang receives more than its fair share of negative comment in the wrist watch collector neighborhood, yet the brand seems to be getting more powerful all the time. Hublot is a non-fragile company that thrives on feedback both negative and positive. No one at the frantic and busy organization is at all sensitive to the fact that many of the more conservative see collectors take most chances to share their disapproval at the brand’s product offerings. Hublot keeps on going strong supplying more of what folks seem to love, and also more of what appears to irritate a few of the more outspoken members of this watch buff community.2015 reflects the 10-year anniversary of the Hublot Big Bang that really marks the impressive relaunch of the Swiss watch brand. Following Jean-Claude Biver sold Blancpain to the Swatch Group, he proceeded to use his earnings to buy the then distressed Hublot – a flailing and money-losing Swiss brand, with a title that means “porthole,” initially started in the early 1980s.

Vainqueur du Red Dot: Best of Best 2017

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