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At the 10th annual SIAR Mexicos, Hublot is paying tribute to one of the most popular holidays in Mexico, “El Día de los Muertos”. This “Day of the Dead” is a celebration recognised as part of world cultural heritage (UNESCO) since 2008. A tradition which focuses on gatherings of families and friends to pray for and remember people who have died and help support their spiritual journey. Far from being morbid, this Aztec tradition is a joyful, and colourful celebration of life.

The spirit of this celebration imbues the Big Bang, taking the form of a “calavera” (the symbolic skull), present from its dial to engraved bezel, all the way through to its stamped bracelet. 

With the Hublot Big Bang Gold 750 Titanium Price Big Bang plus a contemporary spin on daring luxury sport watches, Hublot managed to assist ardently and permanently alter the face of the contemporary game watch market. Are they creating products which the dedicated, niche, high-end watch enthusiasts claim to want? No. But at the exact same time, a close inspection of a number of the elements of what Hublot is now reveals that the company embodies pretty much everything even the most picky watch collector is looking for. You do, but need to sift through varying degrees of chaff to locate it.People frequently know me as a fairly unapologetic Hublot enthusiast – and sporting this Hublot Big Bang UNICO for a few months quite consistently sort of raised my Hublot fan-dom. No, I’m not in love with what they do, but I genuinely like the Hublot theme in addition to their distinct spin on making horology modern. Maybe it is all due to the “Biverian” impact that stays even though he’s technically the CEO of another firm right now (TAG Heuer), but the spirit of the watch industry’s most influential branding and advertising maven, Jean-Claude Biver, stays true today under the direction of current CEO Ricardo Guadalupe.One of the more intriguing elements of Jean-Claude Biver’s maturing relationship with the brand is that it didn’t diminish much A) after he sold the company to LVMH, and B) after he resigned as CEO. Now, Jean-Claude Biver still participates in Hublot occasions and the email address he most uses has an @hublot. com name. So today, 10 years after the initial launching of the Big Bang, the products still enjoy a sense of his power and passion – a passion that has surpassed the marketing and is easily found from the products themselves.The original 44mm-wide Hublot Big Bang watches are still created today (in countless variants), so this larger more contemporary Hublot Big Bang UNICO isn’t what I’d call a replacement. I have actually guessed a few times that the 45mm-wide Hublot Big Bang UNICO case has more or less replaced the King Power instance, as it has a similar look and feel while being more modern and also much more ergonomic.

The limited edition Big Bang Calaveras comes in 3 versions, with just 30 ceramic models, 20 steel models, and 10 red gold models being released. 

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