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The origin of the skeleton watch

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The appearance of mechanical skeleton watches first appeared around 1760. In order to find more watch lovers to appreciate the design masterpieces in the rue Saint-Denis store in Paris, the master watchmaker André-Charles Caron made the world’s first Skeleton watch. It was he who showed everyone the magical structure inside the watch, and presented the […]


Reef Tiger Aurora Hercules Chrono Wrist Watch Which Is Suitable For Men Who Purse Unique And Fashionable

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Aurora Hercules Hercules, son of Zeus, who is the gold in Greek mythology, since birth, he has been given to overthrow the tyranny of kings, reconstruction force for peace. Reef Tiger Aurora Hercules, to pay tribute to resistance and freedom. 1.Strength and cool watch 52mm dial, 12mm thick, Hercules is a solid and heavy watch, […]


Reef Tiger Artist Carved Spiral RT6502 Automatic Movement Watch Interpretes Simple and Delicate Art Style

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Reef Tiger Artist Carved Spiral watch uses RT6502 tourbillon movement, to create stunning beauty of the craft on the dial, it is a tribute to the watch-making tradition and spirit.For mechanical watches, the creativity and quality are the eternal theme. Design concept 1.Big Rome hour markers Different from the traditional design, Carved Spiral watch only […]


Reef Tiger Seattle The Pacific RT675 Quartz Movement Watch Is The Best Choice For Fashionable Men

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Reef Tiger Seattle series is definitely the representative of mens elegant taste, the newly launched The Pacific quartz chrono watch is inspired by the Pacific Raceways in south of Seattle, the watch integrates the racing spirit and watchmaking process, its elegant shape and 41mm size have an unique exquisite appeal, it is the best choice […]