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The LG Watch Urbane 2 Returns From the Dead

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The LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE, an Android smartwatch with its own cellular data connection, was pulled from stores late last year because of hardware issues. It’s now making a comeback via AT&T; pre-orders for the $200 wearable have opened up alongside those for LG’s latest flagship smartphone, the G5. Citing a “hardware issue […]

Apple Watch with New Bands

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The Apple Watch is, according to Apple, the best-selling smartwatch in the world. Thanks to a $50 price drop, that’s likely to continue to be true. The Apple Watch now costs $299, and will come with a new line of bands in new colors and materials starting from $49. At its original $350 starting price, […]

Meet the First Smartwatch That Talks to Amazon Alexa

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  Alexa is moving beyond Amazon gadgets. You’ll soon be able to ask the Alexa voice assistant all sorts of questions from the CoWatch, a new smartwatch that looks to take on both Apple and Android Wear devices. Available for pre-order through IndieGoGo for $159, the CoWatch will go on sale for $279 in June. […]

Apple Watch 2 Rumors

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Your Apple Watch is going to become less dependent on your iPhone, as Apple pushes developers to create apps that run natively on the smartwatch. Apple’s push to bolster the software running on its watch comes at the same time as rumors that the next version of the Apple Watch will feature largely internal improvements […]

Pebble Health Update Hands-on

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Pebble is getting serious about improving the fitness tracking abilities of its smartwatches. The company recently updated its Pebble Health app, which brings auto run/walk tracking, new graphs in your activity summaries and a Smart Alarm feature to wake you up during the right sleep period. I tried out the new tools and while I liked […]

Samsung Have Solved the Biggest Smartwatch Problem

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If your smartwatch’s teeny tiny face makes it tough to navigate the device, a futuristic tool reportedly in the works could put more control into your hands. A new Samsung patent filing shows a projector integrated into the smartwatch that expands the interactive area you can use to control your watch onto your body. Specifically, […]

Pebble Watches Get GPS And More Battery Life with New Strap

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Pebble Time smartwatches are about to get superpowered. A new smart strap called Powerstrap Pal just launched on Kickstarter, and it promises to bring GPS capability and extra battery life to your Pebble Time, Time Steel or Time Round. Available now at an early bird price of $65, the Pal is a promising Pebble Time […]

Why Amazon Won Our 300-Question Showdown

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I’m an Android girl who loves her iPad mini and her Amazon Echo. I also plan to be the first to bow before Skynet, once Judgment Day truly arrives. But I want to make sure I’m backing the right robot voice. I said “Hey Siri” and “Alexa” more than 300 times to determine which of […]