Unique creation for Only Watch

Hublot – Big Bang Unico Sapphire Usain Bolt for Only Watch

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Times, muscles and hope against disease “It is our hope that this watch, along with what Usain Bolt and ourselves are offering the Monegasque Association against Muscular Dystrophy, will symbolise this notion, the desire and the ambition to see “the strongest muscles – those of Usain Bolt – helping to support the weakest muscles – […]

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Together with the Hublot Big Bang Dhgate Big Bang and a modern take on daring luxury sport watches, Hublot managed to assist strongly and permanently alter the face of the modern sport watch market. Love or hate their approach, “The Hublot Way” is a powerfully aggressive and productive way of making a brand desirable and […]

Big Bang Unico Sapphire

Hublot – Big Bang Unico Sapphire

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2016: In a tour de force, Hublot cut a sapphire case on an unprecedented scale, mastering a complex material, which is both ultra-resistant and totally “invisible” thanks to its transparency. 2017: While coloured synthetic sapphires have been in existence since 1902, when they were invented by the French chemist Auguste Victor Louis Verneuil, melting sapphire […]